Point of interest


Međugorje is the most famous catholic sanctuary in the world. It is located in the vicinity of the town of Čitluk in the southern part of Herzegovina. It became famous because of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary experienced by six children in 1981 between the villages of Međugorje and Bijakovići. The sanctuary of Međugorje is the centre where pilgrims gather in the Sanctuary of the Queen of Peace. It has been visited by 25 million pilgrims.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, known as the Lady of Međugorje among the people, appeared for the first time on June 24, 1981 on Crnica Hill in Međugorje. She came in the form of a young woman with a child in her arms, inviting with her hands the six children to come closer. The apparitions happened the next day and they still happen. Međugorje is officially accepted as the place of prayer and has significance similar to Lourdes and Fatima. General messages of the Lady in Međugorje are: peace, faith, conversion, prayer and fasting.

On the third day she said: «Peace, peace, peace – only peace must prevail between a man and God and among men.»

Pilgrims that visit the Sanctuary of the Queen of Peace in Međugorje talk about profound and personal experiences as, for instance, mental touches and healing injuries and wounds of the soul, which can also be explained through possibilities of confession in almost all large world languages.

Međugorje also attracts a large number of young Catholics from all over the world that gather in Herzegovina in summer at the special annual youth festival.

The Wine Road of Herzegovina

Hotel Kaktus is a part of the Wine Road, which has enriched the tourist offer of Herzegovina for the domestic as well as the foreign market. Because of its mild Mediterranean climate Herzegovina is a large manufacturer of grapes and wine. Well known stone vineyards are but 5 minutes from Hotel Kaktus. Planted in the stone desert of Herzegovina, they take up the area of 100 hectares. Two autochthon sorts are Zilavka (white wine) and Blatina (red wine), high quality wine equally consumed with lamb, cheese and prosciutto, as well as with saltwater and freshwater fish.

Hunting in Herzegovina

Herzegovina is a land of the sun and stone, and its clearings are covered by shrubs and tall plants as brambles, oak, ash, field maple, juniper and pine. It’s an ideal place for all fans of the hunt for the quail, chamois, fox, rabbit, wolf … It’s only thirty minutes by car from Hotel Kaktus.

Nature Park Hutovo blato

In the vicinity of Hotel Kaktus, only about 25 kilometres away, there is Nature Park Hutovo blato, a unique Sub-Mediterranean swamp in Europe. Hutovo blato is an area extremely rich in different species of plant and animal life and it is considered to be one of the largest winter resorts for birds in the territory of Europe.

Kravice Waterfall

Not far from the municipality of Ljubuški, around 15 kilometres from the hotel, there is Kravice Waterfall, made by the River Trebižat. The Falls themselves are 28 metres tall and in summer, due to the lower water level, they are a source of unforgettable fun for numerous visitors who swim in the swimming pool beneath the falls. It is all a part of a beautiful picture of nature, which leaves none of its visitors feeling indifferent.